FSS Episode 500: “Something I tried, Gosh it didn’t work!”

02.06.2019 - By Facebook Sales Strategies with Kim Walsh Phillips

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In this episode, Kim Walsh Phillips shares about a failed tactic with their ad design. Kim provides insight into sticking to strategies that work. And how this could help you in your mission to bring down your cost per lead on Facebook.  Learn more at 3daysto10k.com.    Key Takeaways! 0:20 -  Kim talks about how they are in aanever mission to get cost per lead down, because it hurts the ROI. Kim talks about about their weekly campaign at 3daysto10k.com.  0:50 -  Kim continues to talks about how they are constantly trying to find new ideas to run this campaign and get the cost per lead down.  1:00 - Kim talks about how they are InfusionSoft or Keap  people, and they like using this service to help run their campaigns. And they tried another CRM but she will not mention their name. However, Facebook has been banning this service and shutting down their Ad account.  2:00 - Kim talks about how they do not run any Black Hat ads and they are totally legit. But when that started back up, their cost per lead stunk.  2:39  -  Kim mentions that got back up and running by changing their wording around with a softer approach, which helped their cost per lead.  3:00  -  Kim talks about trying something new, but still using their Red, Black, and White ad colors. Kim mentions that Kelly, tried WordSwag and recreate their ads and colors. They ran the ads, but they did not work, and the cost per lead did not change.  4:10 -  Kim says this may not be the issue for you, doing recreate ads, but stick with what works for you. Also, Kim strongly suggests checking the numbers because it always tells the truth.    Resources Mentioned in this Episode 3daysto10k.com Powerful Professionals  Facebook Page  

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