#279: Fueling Exercise with Fat, Improving Sleep with Meal Timing

10.31.2019 - By High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

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Learn food meal-timing strategies to maximize exercise performance and improve sleep-wake cycles (aka circadian rhythms). Today’s conversation is brought to you by NED, leaders in biodynamically grown hemp oil and skin-care creams. Save 15% OFF their amazing hemp blends http://bit.ly/ned-CBD-discount Save on Deanna’s Raw Veggie Bread eCourse:https://courses.highintensityhealth.com/raw-veggie-bread Watch the video of this backcountry mule deer hunt Idaho:https://youtu.be/i0b1LKap7v0 Connect with Deanna on Instagram: http://instagram.com/drdeannamuscle    

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