Full of Mimosas: Reacting to our very first (and unreleased) Podcast

03.20.2019 - By Life. Action. RolePlay! A LARP Podcast

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The first episode we posted here on Life. Action. RolePlay! wasn't actually the first that Cyn and I recorded.

We had another podcast that we recorded earlier which is our very first one. After listening to it, I decided that it wasn't... quite right to start off this Podcast. 

So Cyn and our friend, Nox, suggested I take our first podcast and react to it to see how bad it was and react to it.

It involved a lot of mimosas. You can hear the pour of champagne in the middle of the recording.

Let's take a trip down memory lane as we listen to, and I comment on, that very first recording for this show.

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