FV 116 INTRO: The 2CV, an iconic, beloved French car (Part 2)

08.15.2020 - By French Voices Podcast | Learn French | Interviews with Native French Speakers | French Culture

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This is the second part of my interview with Fabien de Valroger, a Frenchman passionate about the iconic, French car that is the Deux Chevaux (2CV). Even if you are usually not interested in cars, I promise you’ll thoroughly enjoy the conversation!

In this episode, Fabien will share how / when he fell in love with the 2CV. He’s also describing the four cars he owns, their story and specificities…we can even say their personalities!

His collection includes the “Bicéphale”: find out about this incredible two-headed car and the story behind its invention! You’ll also learn about an all-plastic 2CV which crossed the USA and almost melted in the Californian Death Valley!

We’ll also talk about how to estimate/value the price of these beloved cars on the market today and why the 2CV is a symbol uniting all French people regardless of their social class or financial situation.

This really is a feel-good episode!

Souriez c'est l'été ! (YouTube) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVP2tSJgdbU
2cv sur la braise ! 2cv bicéphale en pleine action ! (YouTube) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwNHIe7tUXw#t=48
‪La 2cv bicéphale des pompiers du Var (YouTube) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYJslzWIISg
De San Francisco à Houston en Méhari ! (YouTube ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jMmEMgJRy8&t;=51s

Vocab List
avoir la banane = to be happy, to have a smile all over your face
capital sympathie (nm) = capacity for sympathy / empathy
carrosserie (nf) = car body
caserne (de pompiers) (nf) = fire station
citerne (nf) = cistern, tank
connu comme le loup blanc = known to everyone, very well known
couinement (nm) = squeaky sound
couiner = to squeak
ferraille (nf) = scrap iron
froncer les sourcils = to frown
gouffre financier (nm) = money pit
lance (nf) = hose
marche arrière (nf) = reverse gear
pompier (nm) = fireman, fire fighter
restaurer = to restore, renovate, refurbish
rouillé, e (adj) = rusted
rouiller = to rust
s'en sortir = to cope, to get by, to get through
tas de ferraille (nm) = pile of scrap
tuyau d'arrosage (nm) = hose

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