Dungeon Master's Journey

By Lex Starwalker

What's Dungeon Master's Journey about?

Game Master's Journey helps you get the most out of your favorite roleplaying games. Whether you prefer to be a player or GM, Game Master's Journey is for you! We will discuss everything from the crafting of great stories, adventures and campaigns to providing an excellent roleplaying experience for everyone at the table. This podcast features interviews with GMs of a variety of games, including Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Numenera, 13th Age, and Pathfinder.

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Running Higher Level Charac...


Lex discusses how he would approach running an adventure for PCs who are significantly higher level than the adventure assumes. He also gives his thoughts on dealing with a problem player who’s out to ruin the fun for everyone else ...

Dungeon Master's Journey episodes: