Episode 72: Get comfortable saying NO

04.14.2019 - By The Canine Paradigm

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Get comfortable saying No. Sounds pretty easy right? Well according to therapists it's quite a challenge for some people to do. They get nervous, they are overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts, it's really quite, uncomfortable.

So how do we bite the bullet and do it? Fortunately we have Birdie O'Sheedy on the show today to discuss this very topic

Many people find it ok and are comfortable not saying yes, however they still avoid saying the word, no.

Do people feel they will be rejected? Is it something they struggled with during adolescence? Do they feel rewarded by avoiding the word?

On the other side, what happens to us when we avoid saying words like no? How does it effect us and our behaviour long term? This is why we discuss that people need to get comfortable saying NO.

We also get to find out during the show that Birdy, Narelle and Glenn are planning on running seminars. Focusing on the body, mind and behaviour of dogs and owners. This can bring about more pleasure in owning and keeping a dog in the home.

Birdy can be contacted here for dogs and here for humans

Glenn is found in these parts. Canine evolution

Pat is located at Operant Canine

Dropping your anchor is not what we thought it was. Lets go back in time to find out the origin in the nice meaning


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