Get It Right with Undercover Architect

By Amelia Lee

What's Get It Right with Undercover Architect about?

New home or renovation on the cards? Chances are you’re worried about what it will cost, if you can afford it, and how you’ll avoid a budget blowout. You’re also probably nervous about how much time it will take and how it’s going to fit into your already busy life. And obviously you don’t want to stuff it all up, and end up with a home you wish you did differently.

Enter your architectural fairy godmother, Amelia Lee. Amelia is an architect with over 20 years industry experience. She’s also a wife, a mum to 3 young kids, and a serial renovator, and she’s here to share the nitty gritty details of how to create a home that feels great, and that you feel great in. From understanding the cost of renovating and building, to insider know-how and step-by-step advice … Undercover Architect is your secret ally.

Learn how to create a home that makes your life better. Whoever you’re working with, and whatever your dreams, your location or your budget. Head to for lots more.

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