Getting Hitched in Your Late 30’s: A Love Story Just a Little Bit Later with Molly & Emese

09.14.2021 - By Lipstick on the Rim

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This week Molly and Emese take a stroll down memory lane discussing old dating stories, boyfriends, and how far they would really go to help their BFF. Tune in to find out how Molly got proposed to, and how Emese “locked her sh*t down”… and FAST. They discuss how the expectation to get married in your twenties is unrealistic, the key to thriving in your 40’s & why you should never compromise who you are to be in a relationship. Molly shares her #1 tip on setting boundaries, while Emese shares why communication is key.    You can find Molly @mollybsims and Emese @emesegormley   For products mentioned in this episode, head to   Right now, our listeners can get 30% off their Betabrand orders when you go to   Memore is giving my listeners 30% Off at checkout when they head to so I recommend taking full advantage and trying them all!   You’re going to love Native as much as I do. Right now you can save 20% on your first purchase! Go to or use promo code lipstick at checkout.   Produced by Dear Media. 

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