Ep 67 - Getting in Character with Maria Franz

06.02.2021 - By Nordic Mythology Podcast

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This week Mathias and Daniel are sitting down with Maria Franz whose iconic headdress has become the symbol of the amazing band Heilung! We previously spoke with all the members of Heilung back in Episode 57, which is itself a great listen if you want to check it out. Maria and the boys will be discussing the Viking fairs she grew up with, her history with LARP, and the bands upcoming tour locations and dates. Also, there's a whole thing about cats in the Viking age, don't ask, it's complicated. If you would like to listen to Heilung's music you can find it at: heilung.bandcamp.com/music If you want to read the article about cats you can find it here. Check out our Instagram: www.instagram.com/nordicmythologypodcast And if you like what we do, and would like to be in the audience for live streams of new episodes to ask questions please consider supporting us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/NordicMythologyPodcast We've also reached our goal of 100 Patrons and are starting a new show where our hosts Mathias and Daniel watch and commentate along with the popular series Vikings! If you would like to be in the audience and have your questions answered live then all you have to do is become a Patron, the more the merrier!

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