S5 E9: Ghost Sex

02.13.2019 - By The On-Call Room: A Grey's Anatomy Podcast

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This week Denny and Izzie finally have the opportunity to "make love" or what we like to call "ghost sex". What are the logistics behind ghost sex you ask? Don't worry, your hosts Abbey and Bri talk at length about how what they think the act of sex with a ghost looks like. Alex is into to, and doesn't are, although I am not sure he fully grasps what is going on.
Callie gets punched in the face and breaks her nose, this continues to not be her year.
Then all of the interns do a real fuck up and perform surgery in some creepy basement room of the hospital. Of course, shit gets messed up and Sadie is dying on the table. Meredith and Cristina save the day, and Bailey doesn't even have to give them a teaching moment. Mamma Bird is letting her baby birds fly, and fly they do...until Chief finds out Cristina knew about weird basement behavior and never came to him. Cristina gets pulled from the running for solo surgery. This leaves Mer and Cristina in a quarrel and we as the viewers want nothing more than for them to make up and lead their interns to redemption.

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