Glennon Doyle Wants you to Abandon Identity

04.27.2021 - By WorkLife with Adam Grant

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Author and activist Glennon Doyle used to say “I am a Christian. I am straight. I am an addict.” Now she simply says “I am.” In this episode, Doyle sits down with Adam to discuss letting go of past identities — and rethinking the idea of identity as a whole. They explore insights from Doyle’s bestselling book, Untamed, on dealing with unpleasant emotions, redefining weaknesses and redefining ourselves. Warning: their conversation might lead you to start redefining yourself. For more from Glennon, check out her new podcast We Can Do Hard Things. You can find the full transcript at WorkLife is made possible with the support of LinkedIn, Logitech, Morgan Stanley, SAP, and Verizon.

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