07.29.2021 - By The Genetic Genius

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On this week's episode #60 of the Genetic Genius, Gian-Carlo Torres discusses the immune system and how Glutathione, the super supplement, is one you can't live without!

Here are some of the topics and questions we discuss on the show:

1. How did you begin your journey of not only learning about the immune system but making it your passion?
2. How did this passion then in turn become your main business and the amazing entrepreneur you are today?
3. How did you start working with your Mom in your business?
4. Can you explain to our listeners some of the differences between the alternative medicine model and a complementary medicine model.
5. How does the complementary health model address cellular function and restoration?
6. When someone is looking for ways to change and shift their current state of health, why would they choose the complementary healing route?
7. Do you think that complementary medicine is the best choice during the current pandemic?
8. There are so many choices when it comes to the immune system and health products. What advice can you give on how people can best sort through all the info - good and bad?
9. Why do you think so many people are turning to the health industry to make changes in their life?
10. What are your top 3 tips you can give our listeners to boost their immune system?

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