God Is Within Her - a women’s devotional podcast

By Valarie Reynolds

What's God Is Within Her - a women’s devotional podcast about?

Welcome to the God Is Within Her Podcast. (formerly known as The Beautifully Enough Podcast!) This is a space for you, as an every day Christian woman, to GROW! Grow in your faith, grow a closer relationship with God, and grow your confidence in Christ! Every week, we will dive into the word of God so we fill our minds with God’s truths, to live, not as the world tells us to live, but to live boldly as Godly women who fear the Lord. DON’T PANIC RETURNING LISTENERS!! This is still the same weekly devotional podcast you fell in love with over the past two years. But God has put it on my heart to pivot and run with a new title that truly embodies the kingdom purpose God has placed on my heart: not to focus on our lack or feelings of inadequacies but to mentor and guide Christian women to realize we can grow a fierce and confident faith in Christ! Titus 2:3-7 instructs the female elders to become “teachers of beautiful things”. The message translation tells women to be “models of goodness...

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Are You a Christian?


Hey friends! On today's episode, we go back to the basics and ask ourselves "what does it mean to be a real Christian?" When was the last time you thought about that? What does it really take to be a ...

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