Gold in The Outback, Stories with Professor Steve Mattox (GeoShort)

02.25.2021 - By PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

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In this GeoShort, we take a snippet from our discussion with Dr. Steve Mattox from GVSU.  He has an interesting career path that started out in the economic geology sector working for a mining company looking for base metals (copper, zinc, gold, silver).  This took him to some interesting places such as Australia and rural Indonesia.  Steve talks about the interesting skill set that geologists have to make sense of an area.  For example, Steve talks about finding gold in a sand and gravel deposit ( a placer), and following the deposits up the watershed to find the source rock, and higher concentrations, of gold.

Tune in next week to hear the full interview with Dr. Mattox! 

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