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One of the biggest things that hold back women from truly living their purpose is falling prey to the Good Girl Syndrome, saying yes when we mean no, agreeing to do things we don’t really want to do, suppressing our own wants and needs in order to do what others ask or expect of us. In today’s episode we’re blowing up the Good Girl Syndrome so we can step into being the wise, wild, unleashed woman that we were born to be. How to know if you have Good Girl Syndrome Get clear on how being a Good Girl is impacting you and your life What to do if you’re a people pleaser, you “should” all over yourself and you lack boundaries How to know when to say “yes” and when to say “no” How to take back your power, and shift from being a Good Girl to becoming a wise, wild, unleashed woman. I want to welcome AnaLuisa as a new sponsor of The PurposeGirl Podcast! This is an incredible jewelry company with beautiful pieces at extremely reasonable prices! Check them out ( and use the code PURPOSEGIRL to get 10% off your first order! Thanks for listening, love! Let’s change the world. Go to Apple Podcasts and leave a 5-star review and subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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