Good Night, Hollywoo

By Pipe Dream Podcasts

What's Good Night, Hollywoo about?

JD Salinger presents Good Night Hollywoo, a podcast about the greatest television show on earth, BoJack Horseman. Hosts David Spencer and Alexa Cuizon breakdown each episode, discussing all the laughs and all the heartbreaks. Mostly the heartbreaks. If you're looking for an insightful and entertaining look through the series, whether you're a brand new fan or long-time horse-head (is that a good word for fans? It's a working title), this is the podcast for you.

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Ep. 111: Downer Ending


Alexa and David talk about the zen of Todd, the turning point of the series, and whether or not it's "too late". As always, find more episodes at and email us at [email protected]

Good Night, Hollywoo episodes: