Season 1 Ep 8: Google Scans of Black Faces and Professional Access to Rare Air Spaces

10.15.2019 - By LIT Podcast: Where Law, Innovation & Technology Meet the Culture

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Tonya and Shontavia celebrate being back home after their worldwide whirlwind tours. Shontavia shares a recent appointment by her City Council to the city planning commission and reminds us that all politics are truly local. Tonya is still on IBM cloud nine after a successful presentation at the IBM Cloud and Innovation Forum. Both reflect on the importance of getting access to the rare air of professional spaces to which marginalized people do not often have access. Shontavia calls foul on Google’s “b move” to give $5 Starbucks cards to people of color experiencing homelessness in exchange for scans of their faces to improve facial recognition technology. Tonya shares stats about blockchain’s business value-add and key tips from her IBM Cloud and Innovation Forum presentation about smart contracts as well as legislative, regulatory and intellectual property issues, including some important open source software concerns. Shontavia drops a follow up to the hosts’ Facebook Libra trademark kerfuffle coverage. Finally, Shontavia encourages listeners to figure out where your voice could be important on a particular subject and to find a group and get involved. Tonya talks leadership and professional relationships. She says these relationships take time and they also take TWO!

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