Gorilla Glue Is NOT for Hair | Guests: Wenyuan Wu & Lori Meyers | 2/9/21

02.09.2021 - By The Glenn Beck Program

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Digital health passports may soon become a reality, but will this seep into other areas? Stu returns from the Super Bowl. Californians for Equal Rights executive director Wenyuan Wu joins to talk about an anti-Asian discrimination case just dropped under the Biden administration and California’s proposal to teach a critical race theory-based ethnic studies curriculum to K-12 students. Educator Lori Meyers continues the conversation from a teacher’s perspective. A new study shows Facebook was used more than Parler to plan the riot at the Capitol. A woman who used Gorilla Glue in her hair is now looking to sue the company. Glenn and Stu discuss the future of Bitcoin after Tesla invested over a billion into it.
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