Governed by a Geriocracy | 6/22/22

06.22.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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Now Joe Biden is blaming the oil companies for the oil supply issues going on in the country. Biden is not completely sure who runs the CDC. He does say that we need to be more prepared for the next pandemic. Kamala Harris admits that they weren’t ready for all the COVID mutations and variants. She also makes absolutely sure to say that she felt "joy" when watching Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearings. A new report is out claiming that the classroom door at the Uvalde school was unlocked and the police never even tested it. The Supreme Court sides with a religious school in a lawsuit over school funding. The U.S. military doubles down on pronouns. The gas station worker who accidentally sold gas for 69 cents is trying to pay the gas station back, but it won’t accept the money. Justin Trudeau goes from taking away guns to taking away plastic.
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