Granma's Porch - Alexia Tolas - Literary Roadhouse Ep 167

08.29.2019 - By Literary Roadhouse: One Short Story, Once a Week

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Discussion Notes: Granma’s Porch by Alexia Tolas
This week’s story: Granma’s Porch by Alexia Tolas
Next week’s story: Javi by Han Ong
Rated: Clean
Gerald, Andy and Anais discuss the 2019 Commonwealth Short Story Prize “Granma’s Porch” by Alexia Tolas. It’s the story of Helena, a Bahamanian teenager on the island of Long Island who falls in love with a new boy who moves into town and contends with sexual desire in the midst of a very particular cultural context. This was Andy’s favorite story in recent weeks. It reminded Anais of Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn which we discussed on the Literary Roadhouse Bookclub episode 19. Gerald and Anais wrestle with questions of consent in teenage love affairs.

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