Grave Tales Australia: the series

By Helen Goltz and Chris Adams

What's Grave Tales Australia: the series about?

Meet the people who were willing or unwilling participants in the events that made headlines. In cemeteries, gravestones hint at our history – tales of unsolved murders, love lost, mystery, tragedy, health epidemics, scandal and sacrifice. 'Grave Tales' reveals more than the headstone can ever convey by tracing the tumultuous journeys that lead to these final resting places. Thoroughly researched by journalists Helen Goltz and Chris Adams, these stories re-create the lives of those whose graves are featured.

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Ladies of the Lighthouse


Years of isolation, deprivation and often the loss of children, even a case of madness; who were the stoic ladies who accompanied their husbands at the Cape Otway Lighthouse Station?

Grave Tales Australia: the series episodes: