Greatness from the Biden Family | 7/12/22

07.12.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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Pat’s 360 officially died yesterday … we lost him. The 10-year-old rape victim situation looks more and more like a made-up story. Joe Biden’s polls also continue to get lower. Joe Biden claimed that he will always take responsibility and admit to his mistakes. So, where’s the apology? Jill Biden talks to Latinos in San Antonio. Hackers on 4Chan might have released more data on Hunter Biden. Don’t we have a great first family? A group of hikers survive and record an unexpected avalanche. Alex Jones uses extreme hyperbole to show his thanks to his listeners. Is Elon Musk playing 4D chess with the Twitter buyout, or is he just goofing around? A Rhode Island state senator twerks for votes on TikTok.
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