Greek Mythology Retold

By Janell Rhiannon

What's Greek Mythology Retold about?

Janell Rhiannon draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Greek mythology and history to craft her adult mythology series, The Homeric Chronicles. She shares her indepth research in every episode of the Greek Mythology Retold Podcast. Discover the delightful surprises that breathe fresh life into both well-known and obscure figures of the Trojan War era. Join Janell Rhiannon on a transformative odyssey, where the echoes of ancient Greek history harmonize with the enchantment of Greek myth.

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Achilles: Mother and Comman...


An discussion of Dr. Casey Due Hackney's essay on mothering similes in the Iliad and how modern day warriors reflect the same emotions as the depicted in Homer's work. The heart-breaking 2010 documentary, Restrepo, about the Afghanistan war is also ...

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