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What's Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids about?

Oh, Muses! Hear our podcast and allow us to recall some of the greatest stories ever told. Stories of gods and goddesses, monsters, and heroes! Enjoy this kid-friendly retelling of classic ancient Greek myths for the whole family.
We have two seasons a year, one starting in April and one starting in October! If you want to listen to Greeking Out early and ad free, you can do that on Wondery+!
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S9E6 - Nobody Likes Ares (A...


Oh Muses! Help us speak of the god of war, Ares, son of Zeus and Hera and all his bad decisions. We encounter Aphrodite getting caught being unfaithful, unruly giants, sibling fights, vaguely worded prophecies, and forgotten family members. --- ...

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