Gregory O’Gallagher - The Guy Who Made Intermittent Fasting Cool — Real Chalk #93

09.17.2019 - By Barbell Shrugged

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Greg is one of the first people I ever remember using Facebook ads to sell a lifestyle diet. I remember seeing them and thinking his style was a little ostentatious, but also thinking that he was kind of a genius. Hell, he was just doing something he believed in and he decided to market the hell out of himself. And you know what?? He’s KILLING IT.    There’s a lot of negative press about him here and there, but you know what they say... “If you don’t have haters, you’re probably not that successful.”    In this podcast I try dig into the roots of where kinobody came from, I try dig a little into Greg’s personal life, and we talk a little business. He’s a rare guy to get on a podcast, so I’m excited for y’all to listen. Enjoy!   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Show notes: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ► Subscribe to Shrugged Collective's Channel Here

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