Episode 189 – 27/08/2020 – Griffin Benger

08.27.2020 - By Poker in the Ears

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The podcast is back from its two-month summer hiatus. But James and Joe haven’t had a break. They’ve been hard at work on the #StadiumSeries live streams and preparing for another three weeks inside the PokerStars Arena hosting cards-up coverage of #WCOOP2020. Both are discussed on this week’s show, in the company of Griffin Benger, a core member of the commentary team for both productions. Of course, the boys have had a LITTLE bit of downtime, so talk about some of the movies and TV shows they’ve recently watched. And Kyle Stanley from Toronto returns to #PokerInTheEars to answer questions about ‘South Park’ in ‘Superfan vs Stapes’. (This time, you’ll actually get to hear Kyle, because the recording didn’t corrupt!) Please don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe to the podcast.

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