Growing Australian Finger Limes

08.05.2019 - By Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice

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I recently picked up one of the fruit trees I’ve had my eyes on for YEARS - the Australian finger lime. This quirky and spiky citrus tree produces oblong limes that have a ‘citrus caviar’ appearance when you cut them open and squeeze out the pulp.  Connect With Marie Viljoen: Marie Viljoen is a forager, writer, and cocktail master (that last one is my own personal opinion - Kevin). She’s the author of Forage, Harvest, Feast: A Wild-Inspired Cuisine and an urban gardener as well. 66 Square Feet Follow Marie on Instagram Order Field Guide to Urban Gardening My book, Field Guide to Urban Gardening, is available for sale! It's a complete guide to growing plants, no matter where you live. Here's how to order:  Amazon Signed Copies EPIC Raised Beds I'm carrying Birdies Garden Products raised beds, the ones I use exclusively in my front yard garden. They're a corrugated Aluzinc steel, powder-coated raised bed designed to last a lifetime. Buy Birdies Raised Beds at my online store Follow Epic Gardening YouTube Instagram Pinterest Facebook Facebook Group  

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