Guest Scott Carpenter

11.26.2012 - By Bigfoot Tonight Show

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I am a team member of North American Bigfoot Search. (NABS). I am also involved in the DNA project. I am committed to the scientific study of the entity known as "Bigfoot". I venture into the woods as often as possible.I have two areas of "research". One in the Great Smoky Mountains and one on a recreation area near my home Since I started this odyssey back in 2009 I have had the good fortune to document Bigfoot in photographs, video, and physical evidence (Footprints and Hair). I have a group of Bigfoot that I have had interaction with now since 2009. The more I learn about them the more I realize how little I know.
My blog:
My background is an actual still capture of a Bigfoot. It was captured by a trail cam in my research area in 2010.

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