Guided Nightmare: Cabin

09.23.2020 - By Scare You To Sleep

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Spend a night in a haunted cabin with me...
This Guided Nightmare was originally uploaded to Patreon in December of 2018
Soaring by Kevin MacLeod
Sound Effects:

S: Falling In Dirt.wav by FocusBay | License: Creative Commons 0
S: Pounding on glass.wav by theshuggie | License: Creative Commons 0
S: splash sw3.WAV by Setuniman | License: Attribution
S: Ice cracking.wav by Figowitz | License: Attribution Noncommercial
S: 01-30 Footsteps, Wood, Barefoot, Running 2.wav by SpliceSound | License: Creative Commons 0
S: Running in the snow by mallement | License: Attribution
S: Locked door being forced open.wav by Talitha5 | License: Creative Commons 0
S: Humming.wav by AngelicWings | License: Attribution Noncommercial
S: Horror_Ambience_Atmos-01.wav by Headphaze | License: Attribution
S: 20110503_fireplace.00.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution
S: unlock and open door.wav by jrssandoval | License: Creative Commons 0
S: Snow crunch 02.WAV by luminadii | License: Attribution
S: Wind, Realistic, A.wav by InspectorJ | License: Attribution
S: Wind Houling 1 .wav by Bosk1 | License: Attribution Noncommercial
S: Dark Ambience by PatrickLieberkind | License: Attribution


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