Hacker Gets Hacked The Story of Angelas HOH

08.10.2018 - By BB Updates 2017

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In a season where "Jury Management" is thrown out the window we've seen 3 HOH's in a row handle Jury Management or the HOH power horribly wrong. But that's also what has made this season the best one in 8 years. After seeing Bayleigh demand loylaty from her subjects last week only to be dropped on her crown, we get an HOH in a late power player in Angela. Angela of course gets hacked because BB needs balance in the season, but her alliance numbers in the POV are too much in Angelas favor. Tonight we break down Angelas HOH where it was right, where it was wrong, and how things will shake out going forward. Its the time for Final 4's and we see our first one in the Level 4, which....is just a smaller version of the Level 6 (imagine that). Level 6 for now keeps rolling through the season and the only decent player on the other side; Scottie is having to tread water this week to maybe pick up an HOH tonight. What happens from here? We will talk about it tonight 11pm EST LIVE!

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