#35: Hacking Your Life to Live for (Almost) Free with Craig Curelop

08.27.2018 - By BiggerPockets Money Podcast

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Graduating from college, Craig Curelop had amassed an impressive $25,000 savings account - AND $85,000 in student loan debt. Conventional advice is to pay off your student loans BEFORE investing. In this episode, we hear how Craig ignored this advice and started buying properties to House Hack in the hot Denver real estate market while making the minimum payment on his student loans. Fast forward a few years, and now Craig generates significant income through his primary residence and can concentrate on aggressively paying down his debt - all while living the life he chooses. Craig has found ways to optimize his life so he can move toward financial freedom. He also takes advantage of several “life hacks” that reduce his living expenses to almost nothing. Wondering how to get started? Craig’s story is a must-listen. Links from the Show BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Podcast Craigslist Airbnb Uber Turo BiggerPockets Money Podcast 25: Raising a Family While Seeking Financial Freedom with Chris and Debbie Emick BiggerPockets Podcast 229: Early Retirement Through Short-Term Rental Properties with Zeona McIntyre Mr. Money Mustache Financial Samurai

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