Happy Johnny Appleseed Day ! 2021 | Bonus Episode 382 | Jeff Meyer and Charles Goodin | Jacksonville, FL

03.11.2021 - By GREEN Organic Garden Podcast

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Join us for the https://www.theschoolhouselife.com/a/44907/8evEoGoj (HomeSchool Live Virtual Homesteading Summit) Johnny Appleseed Organic™ and Johnny Appleseed Authentic™ are their consumer facing brands, with trees sold under the JAA name.
The Johnny Appleseed Organic Village is the physical location of their 700+ acre farm at the foot of one of the U.S.'s largest national wildlife refuges.
This is where they put Climate Farming™ principles into practice, test and learn.
This is where they create their educational content to arm and empower gardeners, farmers and climate change activists with knowledge and call to action to reverse the harmful effects of agriculture, farming and home gardening on the environment and earth.
This is the epicenter of their square foot climate farming movement.
There is also a long-range vision for the village to become a sustainable living community, where they model a sustainable living model that can be emulated throughout the world. They hope to positively impact their neighbors at the National Wildlife Refuge and honor the people of the rural south and their agricultural heritage by organically growing an agri and eco-tourism epicenter.

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