Happy Mind Guided Meditations

By Zebediah Rice

What's Happy Mind Guided Meditations about?

Science now shows that meditation and mindfulness really work. For example, we now know that meditation not only lowers stress and improves mental sharpness but it also strengthens our immune system, gives us more youthful and healthy brain tissue, and can be as good or better than prescription drugs for treating mental illnesses like depression, addiction, and PTSD. So maybe there is something to what all those ancient masters were talking about. Turns out when you strip away the religious and institutional covers, they figured out how to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled and told us how to do it. On this podcast Zebediah Rice provides an easy way to access the simple meditation and mindfulness practices developed by the wisest masters to have graced this planet. It is an easy and free way to learn to meditate, become more mindful, energetic, happy, peaceful, and mentally sharp.

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