Hardcore Listing with Chris & Stu

By Chris&Stu

What's Hardcore Listing with Chris & Stu about?

On the back of the success of Scroobius Pips Drunkast, Pips sidekicks Chris & Stu now have their own podcast based around Top 5 lists.
Hardcore Listing will see Chris and Stu discuss with each other as well as a host of special guests a list of top 5 stuffs!
This maybe, records, gigs, TV shows, films, drunk stories, buffet food and lord knows what else. Generally recorded in Stu’s home bar The Whiff Inn, you should expect laughs, beers and the occasional drunken heart-felt chat.

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Ep145 Top 5 Christmas Records


This week see's the return of the infamous Death of Guitar Pop's Silky and Top Cat for an epic episode about their favourite Christmas Records to coincide with their boys release of 'Feeling Like A Right James Blunt at Christmas' ...

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