Harnessing your Sexual Energy to Manifest your Desires with Nadine Lees: Episode 217

04.30.2020 - By A Taylored Adventure To Happiness

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Go to  www.BeeKeepersNaturals.com/Taylor for 15% off!   The Creatress: https://www.tantricalchemy.net/the-creatress Facilitator Training Dec 2020: https://www.tantricalchemy.net/retreats-events/training Instagram.com/TANTRIC.ALCHEMY Nadine Lee is a teacher of the Tantric Arts, Feminine Embodiment Facilitator & DJ/Dancer. She is based on the magical island of Bali & has devoted her life to deep soul transformation & is humbled to share what has touched & transformed her with you.. At the core of her work, she is here to expand your mind body & soul. By helping you break down conditionings & stories that bind you & hold you back from living your truest potential. Her current work has taken a niche into the Tantric Arts, as a portal for deeper self love & liberation. She is the founder of Tantric Alchemy School of Awakening Arts. As the founder of this school of conscisouness she is devoted to show up as a voice of the taboo & anchoring the light into the ‘darker’ aspects of human nature (sexuality, menstruation, death, emotions) in order to free ourselves from our limitations & reclaim our innate power.

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