Episode 49. Health Implications of Seafood

05.19.2020 - By Plantbased, Not Perfect

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Today's podcast episode is focused on seafood and you might be surprised what I have to share. From its health benefits to potential negative side effects, we have an honest conversation about how to fit seafood into a plantbased not perfect diet if you want to, along with alternatives if you don't. TOPICS // Alkaline vs. Acidic Health Benefits Toxins & Pollutants Fish Highest + Lowest in heavy metals Plantbased Omega 3s How to Prepare Seafood to avoid toxins How to naturally excrete heavy metals  Food Combining Tips / Digestion Algae Supplements The Blue Zones SKINCARE STUDY // Why you want Niacinamide in your skincare Products Mentioned: EltaMD 46 Clear, Naturium Vitamin C, Cerave PM Moisturizer Check out my Youtube Channel Download my Ebook Stalk Me @hautehealthy

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