S04 E08: Healthy Citizens and State's Duty feat. Ashdin Doctor

05.12.2021 - By Know Your Kanoon

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We all deserve to have an awesome life. For that, we need a good foundation to build that awesome life on.On this episode of Know Your Kanoon, Amber is joined by Asdin Doctor, host of The Habit Coach podcast. Amber and Ashdin talk about the 6 parameters of an awesome life - movement, nutrition, quality of sleep, stress, hydration and breathing. How do laws affect these parameters? Amber gives his views on these parameters and blends them with how the law holds them. Amber and Ashdin further discuss how certain land is kept for physical fitness parks in Germany, how the Indian constitution provides us with the right to exercise (constitution law for better living), the right to question authority or consumer service, laws around the food we receive, statutory warnings for sugar in other countries in comparison to India, and a whole lot more of this most intriguing topic. Tune in for an eye-opening chat.
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