08.20.2020 - By The Genetic Genius

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Join me this week as I interview Naturopathic Physician Dr. Emily Lesnak. We will be discussing on of my favorite topics - Babies! We explore how to introduce solid foods, instilling healthy eating habits early on, how to tell if your baby has a food sensitivity and much more!
Here are just a few of the topics we will be discussing on the show.

1) When should a parent start thinking about introducing solid foods?
2) Can one child differ then a sibling in solid food introduction time?
3) How does introduction relate to the microbiome of the gut and how can the microbiome be affected in the prenatal and postpartum stages?
4) Are there any specific foods that should be introduced first?
5) What about if other family members have food sensitivities or allergies?
6) If the baby starts having or is experiencing such skin conditions such as eczema what foods might be the trigger?
7) What are her recommendations to address the root cause of the eczema ?
8) How can parents help their babies develop a healthy relationship with food and minimize picky eating?
9) What’s the best way to introduce different tastes and textures?
10) How can parents schedule in healthy eating during their busy schedule?

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