Bereaved But Still Me

By Anna Jaworski

What's Bereaved But Still Me about?

"Heart to Heart with Michael: A Program for the Bereaved Community" is hosted by Michael Liben. This program is designed to empower those who have lost a loved one. Guests will include members of the community, people of faith, as well as doctors and other professionals who deal with topics of importance to the community. New programs will be broadcast the first Thursday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA). During the month, the same episode will run each week and the HUG Podcast Network PalTalk chat room will open up during each program so the community can discuss the program. The address for the HUG Podcast Network PalTalk chat room is

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Bereavement from a Palliati...


Who is Adrianne Behning? Why would someone choose to go into nursing and specifically become a palliative care nurse? What is a palliative care nurse? How has being a palliative care nurse affected Adrianne’s philosophy of life? What about her ...

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