“Hell Followed With Her”: Zombie Westerns On Stage

10.12.2019 - By Slice of SciFi Radio

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Josh Zagoren, the artistic director for WildClaw Theatre, stops by to talk about their 2019 Fall/Halloween stage production, the zombie western "Hell Followed With Her", how the story came to the company, everything going into bringing the production to the stage, and so much more.

"Hell Followed With Her" will be performed from October 14 through November 9 (Thurs-Fri-Sat-Mon), at The Den Theatre in Chicago (buy your tickets here), so if you're in town, definitely check it out!

Website: wildclawtheatre.com
Show: wildclawtheatre.com/project/hell-followed-with-her
Twitter: @WildClawTheatre
Instagram: @wildclawtheatre
Deathscribe Archives: soundcloud.com/wildclawtheatre

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