Hello & Surprise!!!

09.27.2019 - By Hillary's Yoga Practice Podcast

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t's been almost 2 yrs since I've posted a podcast. Over 10 years since I taught yoga. Since then I've became a coach and coach trainer then left to raise my son Odin who is about to turn 5.  Time flies when you're in life. I'm still practicing yoga and happy to be able to give these classes to you.  Love to those of you who are doing the classes and still giving reviews. Thank you for saying you'd like more classes, for now this is not going to happen.  What is is my BRAND NEW PODCAST!!!  Create Like A Mother has launched... check out the trailer and subscribe to go on this journey with me.  Create Like a Mother is not another mom podcast!  It’s your safe place to hear what other mamas who are just like you do to stay connected to their creativity. We’re going to dive deep into real conversations with mothers who are doing it, figuring it out and still seeking what works for them creatively.  You’ll walk away knowing you can do it your own way and make it happen too. It’s time to Create Like A Mother and celebrate being unconventional. ;)  See you there!   

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