Hey Julie! A Big Brother Fan Podcast

By Hey Julie!

What's Hey Julie! A Big Brother Fan Podcast about?

Brett Rader and Danielle Gibson were friends for many years without realizing they had one major thing in common: a secret love for the greatest reality show in the history of television, Big Brother.

After two seasons where they could only share their opinions with each other, they've graciously decided to share their BB knowledge with the world.

In this bi-weekly podcast, Brett and Danielle will play stupid games and make superficial judgements about strategy, showmances, and Julie Chen wardrobe choices.

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Win & Be Hated || BB21 Fina...


Brett & Danielle recap Jackson's BB21 victory. He took home the grand prize, but did he win in the end? It was a messy season, but in the end BB21 taught us a lesson in the question we ask all ...

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