High school football star, Ahmaud Arbery, unarmed, shot dead: Shooter claims citizens arrest

05.07.2020 - By Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

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It's been more than two months since Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down as he jogged through a Brunswick neighborhood. Two armed residents chased the former football star saying they thought he was a robbery suspect, claiming citizen's arrest. Arbery was not armed. As he was confronted by the residents a struggle ensued and Arbery was shot in the abdomen. Family members want to know why no one has been arrested. The prosecutor says he'll let a grand jury decide.

Joining Nancy Grace today: Kirk Nurmi - Jodi Arias former Attorney, Author "Trapped with Ms Arias" Psych Dr Angela Arnold - Psychiatrist, Atlanta Ga Jeff Cortese - Former FBI Special Agent, Dr Katherine Maloney, Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, Erie County Medical Examiners office, Buffalo, New York. Levi Page - Investigative reporter Crime Online

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