Hitler Project, Hybrids, and Kabbalah with Amanda Buys

07.30.2020 - By Discovering Truth with Dan Duval

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This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval we are welcoming back Amanda Buys of Kanaan Ministries in South Africa. Amanda sits down with Daniel to discuss what the Hitler Project is and how it is tied to the royals of Europe. England, Germany, France, Russia, the Netherlands, etc. are all related as cousins since ancient roots… You won’t want to miss this program!

About our Guest:

Amanda and her husband, Roly, have been working in the areas of deliverance and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) for many years and have compiled an impressive assortment of tools and prayers that have helped thousands around the planet. Expect to hear Amanda talk about:
The fallen archangel, Michael, that is the guardian angel of GermanyThe cousins of the royal bloodline and the Luciferian connectionThe Bible discouraging necromancy within the TorahThe Hitler Project having Anastasia’s children… royals, frozen in 1944Hybrids in relation to Greek mythology and God sending the floodKabbalah used by Satan to give a false breath of god (breath of Lucifer)Programming acts shown during Folsom Street Parades in CaliforniaThe powerhouse behind Germany and Hitler is RussiaWilliam of Orange claiming the grave will not hold him & ruling in death
And so many more truths…

More from Amanda Buys:

You can find the presentation of the Hitler Project on Amanda’s website at www.kanaanministries.org and download the material. Also, find her zoom conference about Kabbalah on her website as well!

Stay tuned for Amanda Buys to come back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval to talk about the Water Kingdom! You can also listen to her previous podcast on Discovering Truth:

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