Home Made Money Podcast

By Bethany Williams

What's Home Made Money Podcast about?

Bethany is the person companies go to for BUSINESS START UP and activation activities for organizations. She is an intra-preneur (exercising entrepreneurial thinking WITHIN organizations large and small) creating expansions to significantly expand revenue and market share. She specializes in taking concepts from idea generation to product rollout. Utilizing Six Sigma Voice of the Customer data gathering and Voice of the Market, she finds solutions that are marketable, profitable, disruptive and edgy.

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Dream, Vision, and Do


Bethany interviews Sabrina Paccinin of Fenice Hospitality (www.fenicehospitality.com). Sabrina lives in Italy and has created her dream job. She has developed a business out of identifying amazing destinations to vacation and helping people to find them. This show highlights the ...

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