346: Homesteading: A Rooted Life

01.03.2022 - By Wise Traditions

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You don't really need acres of land to become a homesteader. A simple pot on a windowsill is a great place to start. Justin Rhodes, author of "The Rooted Life", inspires millions to grow their own food on his YouTube channel and streaming platform, Abundance Plus. Today, Justin offers insights on the ups and downs of the homesteading way of life, how he and Rebekah got started on it in the first place, and why your family just might see you as crazy if you decide to get into it yourself. Whether you're looking into living off the land or simply need a glimpse of a sustaining and gratifying lifestyle, you may find what you're looking for here, as Justin peels back the curtain on his homestead and heart. Check out Justin's YouTube channel! Get WAPF's free info pack! Check out our sponsors: Redmond Real Salt, Paleo Valley, Force of Nature

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