Horsemanship 198 Revisit: Marty Irby, Monty Roberts & Jamie Jennings by Hands On Gloves

12.29.2021 - By Horse Radio Network All Shows Feed

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Revisit: The Horse/Human Bond is the topic for this episode. Marty Irby began riding at age 3 and his love of horses grew into advocacy where he now serves as the chief lobbyist and Executive Director of Animal Wellness Action. Certified Instructor and Radio Talk Show host, Jamie Jennings, and Monty Roberts recall their three days of working with Diego, the uncatchable Mustang, subject of the Equus International Film Festival.    Listen in...

Horsemanship 198 - Notes and Links:Link to Sound File for Sight Impaired:  Click HereShow Host: Debbie LoucksTitle Sponsor:  HandsOn Gloves, All-In-One Shedding/Bathing/Grooming GlovesGuest:  Marty IrbyGuest:  Monty RobertsGuest:  Jamie Jennings Support for this episode also provided by:  Monty Roberts EQUUS Online University, Cavallo Horse and RiderMonty's CalendarTraining Tip from Ask Monty read by Jamie Jennings of the Horses in the Morning Radio ShowPlease follow Monty Roberts on FacebookFollow Monty Roberts on Twitter or on InstagramHear all the shows on the Horse Radio NetworkAlso brought to you by American HarvestSupport the show (

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