#62. How Dairy Affects Our Health, Weight & Beauty

08.27.2020 - By Plantbased, Not Perfect

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Today's episode is all about educating ourselves on DAIRY and what happens when we consume it. We get into what it is made of, how it can promote negative health and digestive issues, mythbust calcium beliefs and share studies correlating dairy to acne, cancer and heart disease. I share my own struggle with breaking up with cheese, healthier alternatives to your favorite dairy products and we chat on baby formula, raw vs. pasteurized and everything in between. We can't talk about dairy and leave out whey protein products (hot topic right now!) so I also shed some light on what to look for when choosing protein powders and why we want to stay away from whey-based products for optimal health and wellness. If you want to check out NED and try their CBD for yourself, go to www.helloned.com/Plantbased or enter "PLANTBASED" at checkout for 15% off your first one-time order or 20% off your first subscription order + FREE shipping. Take 10% OFF Elmhurst Plantbased Milks Follow me @hautehealthy

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