Ep. 2556 - How Do You Know When Something Big Is About To Drop,Shall We Play A Game, Wargames

08.19.2021 - By X22 Report

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The [CB] have set their plan up for the great reset, but the economy is not shutdown, small businesses have not disappeared. [CB]s are now in the endgame. Xi pushes the [CB] agenda, wealth will now be redistributed. PA is looking to mine bitcoin. The [DS] fell right into the patriot trap, Trump, Miller put together a wargame, their plan worked. If they planned the wargame for Afghanistan did they do this for devolution. The [DS]/fake news is in trouble, the [DS] getting ready to use the 25th on Biden, the world is turning on the [DS]. Trump and the patriots are exposing it all. The [DS] is now setting up the narrative for [FF], slowly but surely we will see more people pushing a revolution and the story will morph and the fake news will say it's Trump supporters that are pushing this.

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