99: How Do You Live Out Babies and Dreams? (with Lisa Canning)

02.01.2021 - By Do Something Beautiful

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This week, Leah chats with Lisa Canning - a mom truly living Babies and Dreams, and helping other moms to do the same! Lisa is an author, speaker, coach and mom of eight, and she helps overwhelmed moms be GREAT moms, while pursuing their dreams at the same time. Lisa believes a mom can have it all, but she needs to know the best way how…

Lisa is hosting a free conference Feb 5-7, 2021! Grab a free ticket here and let Leah Darrow and other moms help you pursue your dreams.

Learn more about Lisa's work at http://lisacanning.ca/ and her conference here

Challenge from Lisa:

HEY YOU! Yep. You. Are you Pam Beesly, Kelly Kapoor, or Jim Halpert? Could you possibly be Dwight?

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